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Kyushu Japanese Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar based in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Enjoy exotic cuisines from Kyushu Japanese Restaurants, where everything is fresh and delicious. Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, our authentic Japanese restaurant and sushi bar offers an extensive selection of dinners, delicacies, and savory Japanese beverages.
Our restaurant offers great deals on our lunch menu, which provides an exceptional array, of sides, soups, and entrees. We also have affordable prices on our exquisite dinner menu that customers have enjoyed for the last 25 years.

An Authentic Establishment

Kyushu Japanese Restaurants gets its name from the region of southern Japanese islands known as Kyushu. The area is filled with fresh fish, delectable foods, and beautiful natural formations — such as the incredibly enticing hot springs.
With so many magnificent qualities, it is easy to understand why we would model our restaurant after this wonderful location.

Special Rolls

Tempura Bagel
Inside: Salmon & cream cheese Tempura in rice & seaweed.
Captain Crunch Roll
Inside: Tuna, white fish, salmon, cream cheese, asparagus then deep fried
Tsunami Roll
Inside: Asparagus, salmon salad, crabstick
Outside topping: Portable mushroom, tobiko on top
Volcano Roll
Inside: ell, cream cheese, yellow tail
Outside topping:
cooked salmon, tobiko with mayo on top
Sunrise Roll
Inside: Cream cheese, salmon salad,
asparagus, mushroom
Outside: egg
Mermaid Roll
Inside: tempura shrimp, salmon, crabstick, tobiko
Outside topping: Spicy tuna with avo & scallion
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